For the die-hard hunters and dinners, HALLOWEEN 5:30PM TOUR IS NOW $50PERSON (save $15 each hunter) for being so brave. Seats will fill fast so click on PayPal for Halloween on this page ASAP.

For those that want a Sunday adventure, we've added a very special Nov 3 Sunday Dinner Tour at 5PM. Seats are half filled so click on PayPal for Sunday on this page ASAP.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tours over for Year

Regularly scheduled tours now over for the year. Groups of 10 or more always can book by calling 3187597673. Thanks all!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Named "One of the Best!"

Popular Travel Blogger/Writer Recently Named this Tour "THE BEST!" Thanks, Patrice! Read the story here: – Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana – Haunted city draws visitors for ghostly tours, costume party, corn maze Posted on September 29, 2013 By Patrice Raplee As dusk settles in, a thin veil of mist creeps across the ghostly Oakland Cemetery in Shreveport-Bossier. A low wail is audible in the distance, as a rotting zombie shuffles from behind a headstone with outstretched arms; “He’s coming to get you Barbara…” Shreveport-Bossier is one of the notable haunted cities in Louisiana with eerie graveyards, haunted houses and a courthouse where apparitions appear. In fact, the city is so haunted that the building next to the courthouse that was used as a temporary morgue in the past, can’t keep tenants due to hauntings. Of course, Shreveport is also a lot of fun, with a fantastic costume party in late October, a haunted corn maze and ghost tours. Moreover, you can get dressed up in your dead finest and participate in one of the nation’s coolest zombie walks! Ghost tours are a fun and sometimes-scary way to see the best-haunted sites in a city. Some tours are just plain cheesy, but when history meets legend and strange, unexplained occurrences take place on a regular basis, you have a great location for a ghost tour. Haunted Historic Shreveport Tours combine a private, guided shuttle ghost tour of some hair-raising, haunted sites, with a fantastic dinner and dessert afterwards to share what you have experienced (tours available without dinner as well). The ghost tours start at the fabulous Twine Restaurant, where guests enjoy a three-course dinner and then board the interactive iShuttle, with their guide to begin their tour. One of the haunted places you visit is the Caddo Parish Courthouse, located on Texas Street. Built in 1892, the courthouse had an execution room located on the eighth floor, where prisoners sentenced to death were hanged. In the mid ’30s, the gruesome gallows were sealed shut but the state had a traveling electric chair situated on the seventh floor for execution. To this day, residents claim to see ghosts walking around the upper ledges of the execution rooms at night and strange lights flickering, when not a soul is in the courthouse. Another tour stop is located at the famous Oakland Cemetery. This haunted cemetery is beyond creepy and is probably the film location of various horror flicks. In 1847, Yellow Fever plagued the town and many lives were lost. The Yellow Fever mound in the cemetery contains a mass grave of 759 residents from the epidemic. It is reported that apparitions appear frequently around the site. In addition, the gravesite of Cora Lee Wilson, who died at 22-years-old around 1880, is another This entry was posted in Travel by Robert Gifford. Bookmark the permalink. Come join the fun and see why, y'all! Follow us on FB: Haunted Shreveport also!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Discoveries

Out on a haunted hunt earlier this week!  Uncovered a small new cemetery STILL inhabited by a former mayor of Shreveport, a colorful location used in TRUE BLOOD and an alley of very active Victorian homes right by the City Jail!

Friday, September 14, 2012

20x49 THANK YOU!

Thanks Sarah for the great writeup!

Check this out.  Click here to open up some secrets about Haunted Shreveport!

Can't wait to see you on a future ghost hunt!

Thanks, Rick, Lee and Team

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Every graveyard needs a guide, so be sure to check out one of our favorites, a true inspiration for a jaunt through the haunts of Shreveport.  'Haunted Shreveport,' a book co-authored by LSUS historians Dr. Gary Joiner and Cheryl H. White, is available on Amazon. Look for it when the moon is full (or ever sooner!).